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7-TETO LETICIA Y SU RUMBADAMA at Spanjaardsgat-Festival. Breda, May 2013

8-TETO LETICIA Y SU RUMBADAMA. Photo by Sipke Westveen. Cuyck, 1996

4-TETO LETICIA Y SU RUMBADAMA tijdens Plazas Latinas Festival, Amersfoort

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The all female salsa-sensation from the Netherlands

video from 7-tet live concert, Kasteeltuinconcerten, Helmond

video from 5-tet live concert, Witte Theater, IJmuiden

video from 4-tet live concert, Witte Theater, IJmuiden

video from 4-tet live concert, Hofjes concerten, Leiden

video nedersalsa live 5-tet

audio 7-tet:

audio 5-tet:

Leticia y su Rumbadama is reputed to be one of the top salsa bands in The Netherlands. Rumbadama – as the band is more popularly known – has hardly changed its line up since 1996. In that year, the band performed live for Tros Sesjun on Dutch national radio and made its debut tour in Sweden and Finland. Since then the ladies have remained a very popular, steady and catchy part of the Latin music scene.
Already a well-known Latin 'timbalera' when she founded Rumbadama, band leader Leticia Bal was spotted playing at the world-famous North Sea Jazz Festival in Holland. She also had toured Europe for years, sharing the stage with international salsa stars like 'Klimax' (Cuba), 'Xavier Plaza y su Orquesta Sonrisa' (Venezuela), Tito Puente, Celia Cruz, Mongo Santamaria and many others.
In the early 90's, Leticia hit the New York salsa scene to promote her first album. In 1999 she received a scholarship from the Dutch Fonds Voor De Podiumkunsten in order to study in Havana for a while, where she jammed with a lot of local stars, visited concerts and rehearsals every day and fed her musical soul lots of Cuban vitamines.
The rhythmic heart and soul of Leticia y su Rumbadama are Cuban born singer Delia González with her very groovy maracas and Leticia on conga's, bongó or timbales. Talented bass player Mick Paauwe and the young pianist Barbara Rana complete the basic line up. To play ‘Salsa Dura’ at full power, the Rumbadama line up is joined by a second percussionist and a one-or-two-women-brass-section, led by Ellister van der Molen, one of Holland's most talented and upcoming trumpet players.

Doo-wop salsa

Besides having a wonderful mastery of their instruments, five of the seven 'Machas' sing a strong 'coro' and beautifully harmonized ‘mambo-riffs’, thereby creating Rumbadama’s immediately recognizable sound. Often, people in the public are 'doo-wopping' with the band. A new genre is born: the 'doo-wop salsa'.

The repertoire of Leticia y su Rumbadama spans from traditional Cuban Son to a diversity of Salsa and Caribbean styles such as Cha Cha Cha, Guaracha, Son Montuno, Rumba, Plena, Bomba and the very danceable Merengue. As soon as they hear the very first note, people want to dance to the infectuous music of these Salsa 'Machas'.
Leticia often invites the most celebrated guest-musicians in the Dutch Latin- and Latin-Jazz scene (Lisi Torres vocals, Leslie Lopez baby bass, Konkie Halmeyer steeldrums, among others) to join the band.

salsa dance lesson
The show can be completed with a short but catchy salsa dance lesson, during the show or before.
The band performs as a 4-tet, 5-tet, 6-tet, 7-tet or 8-tet.

5-teto Leticia y su Rumbadama. Blijburg, Amsterdam 5-TETO LETICIA Y SU RUMBADAMA at Blijburg aan Zee. Photo by Piet Jan Blauw. Amsterdam, July 2012

previous concerts/performances

Leticia y su Rumbadama played at:

Scandinavian tour, 36 concerts 1996
Concertgebouw Amsterdam, New Years Reception, several times
Latin Dance Night, Vredenbrug, Utrecht
Latin Dance Night, Oosterpoort, Groningen
National Dutch Television, Hanneke Groenteman
Tros Sesjun, National Radio live, Nick Vollebreght's Jazz Café Laren,
Jazz Festival Dresden
Festival Zeedijk, Amsterdam
Latin festival Dortmund
Jazzfestival Loosdrecht
Cafe Cuba, Essen (Germ.) several times
Ben Bron's Dance School several times
Queens Day, Gemert
Rhinetown Jazzfestival
The Fuut, Den Haag, several times
Festival Dias Latinos, several times
Blijburg Amsterdam, several times
Bredewegfestival. Queens Day, Amsterdam, several times
Rollende Keukens, Amsterdam
Jazzclub Perdido, Hillegom
Zomercarnaval, Rotterdam
Felix Meritis, Amsterdam, several times
Schouwburg Cuyck
Verkadehuis, Roosendaal
Discotheek Alcazar, Puttershoek
Tropenmuseum Amsterdam
Club Anabacoa, several times
Casino Valkenburg
Zomerparkfeesten Rotterdam, several times
Breda Jazz festival, more than 10 x
Bevrijdingsfestival Zwolle
Jazz in Duketown
De Kluis, Amsterdam
Kuhrhaus, Scheveningen
Engels, Rotterdam, several times
Pop in Andijk, several times
Dordtse Jazz Soos, several times
Koekenbier, Alkmaar
Brakeboer, Medemblik, several times
Markerveerhuis, Moninckendam
Hesp Amsterdam
Leidse Hofjes Concerten Amsterdam, several times
Leidse Hofjes concerten, several times
Café Local, Antwerpen
Café Latino, Brussel
Festival Latino-Americano, Brussel
Club Mystere, Amstelveen, several times
't Oude Slot, Heemstede
Salsamotion Perron 1, Haarlem
Fidel, Haarlem, several times
De Parade den Haag, Utrecht, Amsterdam, several times
Spanjaardgat, Breda
Discotheek Locomotion, Zoetermeer
DMV Utrecht
Festival Doe Jazz, Doetinchem
Fiesta del Sol, Eindhoven, several times
't Web, Loenen a/d Vecht
Vierdaagsefeesten Nijmegen
Zeedijk Festival, Amsterdam
Witte Theater, Ijmuiden
Paradox, Tilburg. Several times
Festival Cultureel Gekleurd, Gemert
Vredeskerk, Bergen
Marineterrein Den Helder, salsafeesten, Several times
Mook den Helder
Hortus Botanicus
Sonnenvanck, Wijk aan Zee
Huis ter Duin, several times
BP tour. 56 optredens in 1 maand bij BP stations
Stadtmuseum Bonn auf den Dach. Consert. Several times
Jazzclub Vreede (Dtsl.)
De Doelen Rotterdam
North Sea Round Town
Kasteelconcerten Helmond
Ladies Circle Flevoland
Theater Lyda Kersten
Klaproos Theater, Wolfheze, several times
Maison de l'Amérique Latine, Brussel
Flamingozaal Artis, Amsterdam, voor NOB
Flamingozaal Artis Amsterdam voor Molinos de viento
Otterjazz, Loosdrecht
Oscars, Scheveningen, several times
Para, Breda
Partyschip Kapitein Kok, Amsterdam
Partyschip de Zeehond, Amsterdam
Paviljoen Noordzee, several times
Paviljoen Strand Zuid, den Haag
't Zilt, Harlingen, several times
Rap Architectuursentrum, several times
Parkrestaurant Rotterdam, several times
Pier Scheveningen voor 't Riagg, Den Haag
Havenfestival Almere
Groep 7152, several times
Sociëteit de Manege, Zandvoort
Sociëteit de Witte, Den Haag
Spirit of Belgium
Jazzclub Ruurlo
Stichting Kunst in de Kamer. Concert Ubbergen
Stichting Vakvrouw, Amsterdam
Zomerfestival Wierden
Stichting Zami Amsterdam Zuid-oost, several times
Kwakoe Festival, Amsterdam
Festival Swinging Groningen
Theater Parktheater, Alphen aan de Rijn.
Jazz in the Woods. Several times
La Bodeguita, den Haag, several times
Vrouwencentrum Nieuwegein
Vrouwendag Zoetermeer. Several times
Wapen van Kennemerland
World Forum Convention Cebtre
Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam
Brakke Grond Amsterdam,Queens day
Kampeervereniging Zandvoort
Kasteel Heeze
Big Rivers festival, Dordrecht
Oberderkoop festival Swingsoos
Festival Parkfeest, Oosterhout
Le Tavernier, Brussel
Latin Live Radio
Carolus Barromeus College, Helmond
Swing Inn, Heerlen
Salseros, Den Haag, several times
SS Rotterdam
Salsa dansschool Burnett, Almere, several times
Parkpodium Boom en Bosch, Breukelen
Grote Kerk, Spaardam
Jazz en Pop Andijk,Several times
Salsa Flamingo Club KLM. Several times
Festival Bussum Cultureel
Jazztival Alkmaar, several times
Hortus Botanicus, Amsterdam
De Observant, Amerfsoort, several times
Gouda Concerten
Watersportvereniging De Nieuwe Diep, Amsterdam
Haarlem Shopping Night
Bonifatiuskerk, Medemblik
High Tide, Zandvoort
Festival Muziek Monumentaal, Zierikzee
Jazzfestival West-Terschelling
Zomerconcerten Joris Ivens Plein, Amsterdam, IJburg
Kunstmarkt, Catsop (L)

6-TETO LETICIA Y SU RUMBADAMA at Dias Latinos, right before showtime. Photo by Daniel Patriasz. Amersfoort

6-TETO LETICIA Y SU RUMBADAMA at jazzclub Paradox. Photo by Karla Hoffman. Tilburg, March 2011

5-TETO LETICIA Y SU RUMBADAMA at jazzclub Loosdrecht. Photo by Sipke Westveen.

Leticia. Photo by Daniel Patriasz. Amsterdam

Delia Gonzalez. April 2013. Photo Esther van der Linde

Barbara Rana. Photo by Rosalinde Weijsenfeld

Mick Paauwe. Photo by Cees van de Ven

Ellister van der Molen. Photo by Ruud Waij

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