A swinging samba on empty boxes, fruit bowls and small cans filled with lentils... a lovely tune on sparkling tuned bottles with water, accompanied by soft swinging old newspapers......
An exciting show created by Leticia for recycling companies, sustainable enterprises, 'cradle to cradle' organisations etc.
This show can also be done with participation of the company, the management team or just one member of the board (if a bit musically trained). In that case, one rehearsal is needed.
Call or mail to ask for the possibilities. Go to 'contact/newsletter'' in the menu.

Here are some examples:

Leticia's composition for 'looped' fruitbowls

Leticia's bottles:

Leticia's 'Recycle Samba' during a small performance in January 2012:

Leticia playing her show for Woningbedrijf Velzen in the Thalia Theater.

with a member of the board....

For this show in the Thalia Theater in IJmuiden, Leticia did one rehearsal with Katja, member of the board of Woningbedrijf Velzen. Katja acted as a wonderful  link between Leticia's recycling music and the audience.

a duet on electricity pipes

Leticia introducing her composition on the fruit bowl xylophone

Uw kop

Leticia performing live at the set of the out-of-the-box movie 'A Long History Of Madness' by Mieke Bal and Michelle Gamaker. photo by Markus Karjalainen

Sustainable Christmas tree spotted in Saint- Germain-des-Prés, Paris, December 2011

Shoes spotted on Facebook. Unknown artist

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