' Trio Sin Fronteras' means 'Trio Without Borders'. This well-chosen name was given by Raul Jofre, the Argentine born, very vivacious and mature lead singer and guitarist of this small but sabroso (nice, tasteful) Caribbean band. The band plays acoustically, semi-acoustically or fully amplified and always adapts to the situation.

line up:
Raul Jofre: lead vocals, guitar
Damane Meshabi: bass, backing vocals
Leticia Bal: percussion, backing vocals

Raul and Damane have been playing together for more than 30 years. They were already 'heavy cats' in the Dutch Latin Scene back in the days when Leticia was just starting out on her conga's.

This trio is very well suited for clubs, music bars, parties as well as festivals.

Sin Fronteras vltr: Raúl Jofre, Leticia Bal, Damane Meshabi

Sin Fronteras bij café Langendijk, Amsterdam. Photo by Philo Kempkes

Sin Fronteras, Amsterdam. Photo by Mora Jofre

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