TRIO RUMBADAMA, August 2013 fltr: Leticia Bal, Tyrone Collis, Delia Gonzalez



From the very first time Leticia asked Delia González and Tyrone Collis to join her for a concert as a trio, Leticia completely fell in love with the sound of this adventurous line up.
With herself on the warm and exotic marimba, playing the typical piano/guitar patterns she knows so well from her Latin bands, Tyrone on his heavy sounding baby bass and Delia singing the lead vocals and playing her swinging maracas,
the trio plays lots of Cuban sones, Brazilian samba and bossa nova, merengue and some African tunes as well as some of Leticia's compositions.
Although the line up is so special and not typical for Cuban and Brazilian music, people often dance their shoes off when they hear them play...
Trio Rumbadama works as a background trio, at 'bailes' and gives recitals.

Line up:
Leticia Bal: marimba, backing vocals, foot pedals
Delia González: leadvocals, hand percussion
Tyrone Collis: bass, backing vocals, pandeiro, foot pedals

Trio Rumbadama playing on the roof of the Lizboa, Amsterdam. Summer 2011.

previous concerts

TRIO RUMBADAMA performed at:

Lizboa, Amsterdam, several times
Hortus Botanicus, Amsterdam
Kunsthal De Kade, Amersfoort
Markerveerhuis, Monnickendam, several times
Cultuurpodium De Speelplaats, 't Vaerhuus, Steijl
Tropical Sea Festival, Texel, several times
In den Uiver, Haarlem
CC Café, Amsterdam
AMP Percussiefestival, Ruigoord, Amsterdam
Café Langedijk, Amsterdam
Café Kobalt, Amsterdam
Bredewegfestival, several times
Café Aura, Rotterdam, several times
Wildschut, Amsterdam, several times
Oporto, Nijmegen, several times
Winkelcentrum Rijswijk

and many private parties

Trio Rumbadama at opening concert Prelude for Dias Latinos. July 2012. Photo by Ramon Balderas

Trio Rumbadama at private live gig, July 2012

Tyrone Collis grooving on his baby bass. Photo by Sipke Westveen

Delia, the best Cuban singer ever, not only swinging on the maracas but on the güiro as well... Photo by Jesus Hernández

...and Leticia working her ass off to hit the right notes.... Photo by Lilian Jarad

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