Front cover. Photo by Lies ter Beek


Leticia's maxi-single: nedersalsa JE BENT NIET HIP/NO TIENES SWING' consists of 3 Dutch salsa-songs, sung by the Cuban Delia Gonzalez, with her charming Cuban accent.
The opening song is Leticia's Latin arrangement of an old German 'schlager' from the forties, written by Joachim Heider and Martin Binder. The song was made famous in Holland in the seventies by singer Patricia Paay, who sung the Dutch version: 'Je Bent Niet Hip'. It was number one on the Dutch "hitparade" for quite a while.
In 1998 Leticia translated part of the lyrics to Spanish and re-released the song on her maxisingle. This salsa-arrangement, sung half in Spanish and half in Dutch, is always a hit when Leticia's band plays it live. The other two Dutch salsa-songs on this maxi single were written especially for her by Arjen van der Merwe, who also co-produced this record.

It has been spotted on E-bay and Marktplaats as a collectors item, for 50 euros.
Re-edition is possible. Please contact us (go to 'contact/newsletter' in the menu).

watch (live version with small salsa band, May 2013):


line up:
Leticia Bal: timbales, guïro, quinto, coro
Delia González: lead vocals, coro
Jesus Hernández: tres, coro
Lilian Jarad: piano
Lionel Jacobs: bass
Gilbert Breuer: conga's
Jan Luc van Eendenburg: bongó, campana
Tyrone Collis: guïra, bassdrum, maracas
Mark Lotz: flute
Joe Rivera: trumpets
David Rothschild: trombone
Bart Lust: trombone
Arjen van der Merwe: trombone

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