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Recorded in 2009 and 2010 in Amsterdam by Jesus Hernández; mixed in 2011 in Amsterdam and Miami, USA by Jack Naber and Miles Peña; mastered by Frans de Hond; released in June 2011 by Leticia Records.

liner note:
'After 10 years of playing, singing and 'guarachando' together, the time is ripe to release our recorded work. The instrumentation of our Trio Son Cubano is untraditional (just 1 guitar, bongo/conga and hand percussion) and the lead vocals by Delia are exceptional. Moreover, our 3 voices and our way of singing together are not mainstream. Not only do we sing the songs (often harmonized for 3 voices) and 'coros', but also 'mambo-riffs', intro's and other 'adornos musicales'.
Our voices melt together naturally and have the authentic Cuban swing. The voicings and harmonies, mostly chosen and arranged by Jesus, are at times quite jazzy and at times very traditional, but always tasteful. We hope you enjoy listening and dancing to our music, as our public has at the many gigs and concerts we have performed so far.'
Trio Son Cubano

line up:
Jesus Hernández: guitar, vocals, arrangements
Delia González: vocals, hand percussion
Leticia Bal: percussion, vocals
Paul Weiling: invited guest on saxophones in 3 songs

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'...La asombrosa percusionista holandesa Leticia Bal regresa con su nuevo proyecto en formato de trio despues de su ultimo y aclamado album Live At The Kromhout (Leticia Records, 2010).
En esta grabacion para su propio sello Leticia suelta la marimba, le echa mano a las tumbadoras y a el bongo y demuestra una vez mas todo su talento y genialidad....' DJ El Chino, Colombia

'... Although it is not your average trio format, this Holland-based musical entity works out very well ...' Nelson Rodriguez, Latin Beat magazine, USA

'...En een ‘juweel’ is het zeker deze cd. Zowel instrumentaal als zangtechnisch. Soms heel jazzy, maar altijd met een authentieke Cubaanse swing....'
  en: '...De stemmen vloeien moeiteloos in elkaar over; harmonie ten top! Kortom, ruim 54 minuten luistergenot....' Recensie op Latinnet

' blazerssectie vervangt met hun stemmen. Dit is precies het element dat hun versies van klassiekers als Drume Negrita, Ojos Malignos en Dos Gardenias zo fris en vernieuwend maakt. Voor Donde Quiera Se Ven heeft het trio de Duitse saxofonist Paul Weiling uitgenodigd, wat voor het album een mooie toevoeging is. Verassend en heel aangenaam om naar te luisteren...' Jeanne Schmartz in Mixed World Music
review in Dutch Daily De Volkskrant by Frank van Herk. June 2011

Review by Nelson Rodriguez, Latin Beat Magazine, USA. October 2011

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